Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year


New Year, new resolutions, this year I am really going to try and keep up with this blog, I really fell behind last year. This makes me so sad since the blog is supposed to keep track of what I have done in my life, and so far it just seems I discovered Doctor Who (Well that isn’t so bad, is it?)


I found this inspirational picture,


Looking at it, it sets guide lines on making the perfect New Year’s resolutions. I know each year everyone says need to lose weight, etc. But these they make you think.


I already know what bad habit I am going to try and break (no I am not sharing)


Learn a new skill: My aunt and I have talked about this one, I am going to learn a new language, I have family in Germany, and there are a lot of countries in Europe where they speak German, so German it will be.


Do a good deed: well this one will have to take some thought, and planning, still working on it.


Visit a new place: I have an idea of where I want to go; just still need to work out budgets (Will share as soon as it is official)


Read a difficult book: This is a tricky one, because what is difficult for me might not be difficult for everyone. So ideas will be useful


Write something important: Don’t laugh dear reader, but for a long time I have had this plot in my mind, a story I have been working on but never found the time to write it down, it might be a short story (a very short story) But I am going to try and write it, who knows might even publish it here.


Try a new food: well for those who know me you will know this is a very touchy subject, I am not a picky eater but I never try something new. It’s always the same stuff. So this will be hard


Take an important risk: This is a BIG one, for me this either means that I have to fish or cut bait when my contract is up at the end of November, or who knows something else might happen through the year.


I also plan on really sticking to doing book reviews with each book that I read, and I have set a new goal of at least 30 books for the year. This is pushing it since I didn’t make my 25 books goal last year, missed it with 4. The last couple of books reviews will be up soon, still working on them.


Thank you for stopping by, and Happy 2014 to you all!


Friday, 16 August 2013




Long time no blog; I know I am so bad with this lately...


A friend and I discovered a series that has been running for 50 years, we were determined on catching up before the next new episode. What might this new series be, you might ask? Doctor Who.

Now I must be very honest with you, I don’t watch Star Trek, Star Wars, Galactica or any Sci-Fi series.

We saw the pins on pinterest (evil pinterest) and decided this looks cool, let’s get some episode. After some research we decided on where to start, the revival series that started in 2005. Entering into our lives as the 9th Doctor was Christopher Eccleston. We fell in love with his witty remarks, his leather jacket, and his companion Rose. We watched, it took over our lives, our jokes started to revolve around the Doctor, our Pinterest boards started to fill up with Doctor Who pins.

We cried when he regenerated into the 10th Doctor, portrayed by David Tennant, my personal favourite Doctor, and yes if any Whovians are reading this, I know we are not supposed to have favourites, but deal with it. We cried, more than a normal person would ever cry about a television show. We fought along with him, we learned his catch phrases: Allons-y, Brilliant and aren’t you Beautiful, our hearts broke when Rose left, we were in denial when Martha entered, laughed at Donna’s no nonsense attitude towards this very attractive man, we cried when Donna was not allowed to have memories of him, was depressed for days when 10 regenerated into 11.

The goofy, funny 11th Doctor is Matt Smith, and although I was in denial and didn’t want to accept it, I learned to like Matt’s portrayal of this wonderful timelord. His catch phrases: Geronimo, I wear a bowtie now, bowties are cool. We loved the raggedy man, the ponds, and the impossible girl.

We watched until late night, we are scared of normal everyday things: angel statues, gas masks, tally marks, forgetting.

 Today I am proud to say, my name is Elize, I am 25 years old and I am a Whovian!!

We are determined to find the classic Doctor Who before the 50th anniversary in November. We finally caught up and had to find out that the wonderful Matt Smith has stepped down, and now a new Doctor will start in the next series.

We have a great friend that when we went to have coffee with him and his wife on the night of the announcement of the new Doctor, was willing to help us watch the announcement live, This is big since we live in South Africa and most people haven’t even heard of this show.


In the rest of my life, I am still on the lookout for a permanent job, and since discovering Doctor Who might even consider moving to England. Well let’s start smaller and a different city might also work. I am now on a stage in my life where I really want to start doing stuff that normal grownups do, I want to move out of my parents place, I want to buy a car. Then I realise how many times I say I want (yes I did watch princess diaries, and yes this was intentional) There are so many other things I should want to give and not just receive. I am thankful for each day, and I am so blessed. I mean, I started out on a contract position that was only supposed to last 3 months and here we are almost 3 years later. I love my job, and how many people can say this?


Well I hope that I can keep up with blog again.




Monday, 11 March 2013

Rumblings of the mind


As I mentioned before I have a problem with my leg, I am not going to go into details right now, but I sometimes get a little down hearted about the situation.


When I was younger, it came as a shock each time, I believed it will be cured and then I was slammed back every time, crying my eyes out, making my mom miserable. I hated it, not that I don’t hate it anymore.


With this last hospitalisation, I realised God has send the most wonderful people across my path. Wonderful friends who spend hours next to my bed, even one who came each morning and wrote her thesis there in the hospital.


This time even though I believed by losing weight and going to gym to build up the strength of the muscles in my legs, it would stay away and it didn’t I wasn’t so depressed. I took off the necessary time and started going back to the gym earlier this week.


Thank you to all my friends who supported me through this time, even to one special friend who came and visited me, even though she hates hospitals.


You are all loved





Friday, 8 March 2013

The Lost Crown

Sarah Miller

This is a brilliant portrayal of the last years of the Russian royal family in the 1916-1918. It is written in the perspective of the grand duchesses (Tatiana, Olga, Maria and Anastasia); the writer, Sarah Miller, keeps your full attention the whole time, and builds up the anticipation. She knows how to capture the emotions of the princesses and pulling you into their world. Following them in their imprisonment, their insecurities, being separated from their parents and in the end their death.

I became interested in the Romanov family when seeing the 1997 Disney film Anastasia, I wanted to find out more about them and if it could be true that one of them escaped. When I read about this book, I knew I must find it and read it. Several searches later I finally found it on Amazon and couldn’t put it down. 

This is worth the read. A Brilliant book

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Harry Potter Party


Long time no blog, I am so sorry, been hectic here, let me get you caught up.


So in February I turned 25! Can you believe it? Well I can’t. We as friends held a combined birthday party since 2 of us have the same birth date and the one a week later. So what do a bunch of young adults do for a themed party? Easy we love Harry Potter, so thanks to Pintrest for a bunch of inspiration and weeks of planning we had our party. Here follows some photo’s:

The gang, in the back we have, Hagrid, and Sirius and Belatrix, the in the front we had Ron, Loona and I was Hermione

Casting Spells
The gang together

Our loony Loona
The three musketeers:
 All the yummy food, we had a little of everything, and gave them names from the series.

Wine coolers, was nice, but very potent ;)






Thursday, 18 October 2012

Breast Cancer Awereness Walk

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk


Sorry this post took so long, but had major issues with my laptop at work (since I spilled coffee over it) so had to setup a new work computer and sort out all the admin around the other one getting parts replaced, etc. Memo to self, try and slow down once in a while. Doing too many things at once may cause fatal problems J

Mom and I

My sister and I

Mom and Annien

Us ladies

On Saturday the 13th October 2012 we got up early to join the CANSA walk for Breast Cancer Awareness. We arrived at about 7 in the morning, to sign up, get our t-shirts on and put on our stickers. Then the wait started, I must say I was very impressed when we started on time this year. Since most years they start late. So at 8 we started the long 6 kilometre walk. When we decided to do this walk we thought we were getting fit, with our gym and Zumba classes. So how hard can 6km really be? I must say I got more than ¾ through the walk before I really thought I couldn’t go any further. Luckily the last bit was kind of downhill, but I think this works your legs more than the uphill part did, since you constantly have to stop yourself from running. Must say my shins felt it the next morning J

Some of the crowds, even the guys wore thos fight like a girl t-shirts

I am really proud of my mom and sister; we thought we were going to finish last, and that everyone will have to wait for us. We finished more or less in the middle and watched for the next 30 minutes how people came in and cheered them on. This felt like a victory to us. We felt like winners.


Now why would we choose to support the CANSA’s breast cancer projects you might ask? I know in most women’s minds, breast cancer seems like a distant concern, something that you don’t have to really think about. In our family it affected us directly. My Gran was diagnosed with Breast cancer in 2007/2008, luckily for us my Gran is a fighter and she survived, but many others in our family weren’t that lucky. I always say, Breast Cancer is a bitch (sorry for the language), it takes hold of your life, throws everything upside down, and then the news comes that you are now cured or in remission, and then when you least expect it, it comes back with a bang, bigger and worse than before. This has happened in so many cases that our family has come in contact with. Because of this we all hold up our breath when Gran goes to doctors, praying daily that she will never have to go through this again.


I know that the Lord won’t send anything across our paths that we cannot handle, and I thank Him every day for making us stronger through this and guiding us.





Friday, 12 October 2012

Thr3e - Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker

As promised, I finished Ted Dekker’s book called Thr3e, this was an amazing book, and it kept me hooked until the end. I literally could not put it down once I started. I loaded the book onto my Kindle when we had to read it for book club; I did the unthinkable, and put down all the other books, focusing only on this one book... I know shocking stuff J

The book is about Kevin, a seminary student, who gets a phone call as he is driving home from school, informing him there is a bomb in his car, and that he has three minutes to confess a sin and solve a riddle. He sees an open parking lot with an open area next to it. He then barely escapes the car before the car blows up.

Suddenly his world is turned upside down; he needs to find out what the sin is he needs to confess before the psycho Slater destroys everything that is close to him. Slater knows things about Kevin, which he didn’t even tell Samantha, his childhood friend. Slater demands Samantha should also join his little game.

Jennifer is a FBI agent on the track of the “Riddle Killer”, and as Slater’s work looks to be the same as the Riddle killer she is assigned to the case. Slater’s riddles all involve opposites and works in multiples of three’s. Jennifer feels she is getting too involved with Kevin.

The book builds up and draws you, as reader in; you feel Kevin’s anxiety at having to reveal his past to Samantha and Jennifer. You get mad when Slater stays one step ahead, you feel Jennifer falling for Kevin. You feel sorry for Samantha when she “hands-over” Kevin to Jennifer. You want to help Kevin. The book is brilliantly written, and the ending is so unexpected.

Since Kevin is a seminary student, you can feel his trust in God, his inner conflict. This is a great novel written for Christians. This is a great book and Ted Dekker really did a fantastic job.

I heard there is a film version of the movie might try it out soon.