Monday, 23 May 2011


So another day at work is over and kind of happy to be going home. Our systems were down and so this means we were playing with our thumbs the whole day, now some of you might think this is a good thing, but imagine this you have about 10 users breathing down your neck because their problem might just be bigger than all the other users put together. I can sympathise with this but come on, you can't expect me to take you from the top of the queue when you entered 10 minutes ago and other people have been waiting the whole day? I mean how whould you like it if you were in the other guys shoes?

People sometimes amaze me, waltzing into our offices demanding things when their laptops doesn't even have a problem? I mean come on, test the thing at least once before you bring it here and make a fool of yourself.

Enough of that drama, going to the hairdresser this afternoon, contemplating if I should cut or just trim...mmm difficult decision:)

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