Monday, 13 June 2011

Late Night

So another day is about to end and lo and behold I realused that my contract at work will be expuiring at the end of the month and no mention has been made for a new one, although I have known that this contract will end after a certain period...I have become rather attached to my co workers, as all newbies in the world I have used these past couple of months to just soak in all thw knowledge that has been offerded to me, I just really wish I could stay on...

This also means that after the past couple of months' random email sending of CV's I should most probably start actaully trying harder. Easier said than done since I am currently sending out about 10 CV's a day, yes you read correctly 10 and I wasn't even really trying.

Anyway I should probably get some sleep... stick around and I might give you a step by step guide to me finding the next dream job in the IT industry... Good night and God bless

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