Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Fouriesburg Weekend

Fouriesburg weekend

As promised here is a update on our weekend, it’s wonderful there you can just sit around look at the majestic mountains and feel God’s present, every time we go there I just once again realise that by seeing these mountains there is no way you cannot believe in Him.

We left Friday afternoon, we wanted to leave earlier but my mom needs her passport renewed for next year and I decided my sister and I should also renew our passports, after standing in the queue for what seems hours, the person behind the desk informs us in this sour face that my sister and mine is still valid and how dare we come apply for a new one, so sorry we forgot we applied for new passports, silly us. Anyway when we got home and after a long search, we found the passports and saw that indeed ours is still valid.

Anyway back to the weekend, so we got on the road just after lunch and we only arrived at 6, and this is normally a 2 hour drive. The road works on the road was incredible, we stood in queue’s containing up to 50 cars, it was madness, and we thought we will miss the Friday rush. WRONG!!!!

It was still worth every hour in those queues, the valleys and mountains were not as green as previous years, but there were smudges of green everywhere.

I will let some of the photo’s do the talking.

Golden Gate

View from our Chalet

We over indulged on cherries and had lots of peaches.

On Saturday we spend the day in Clarens, and just looked at art, and ate a lot.

Yummy Barone Chocolate Cake from a German Restuarant

Plougmans platter from the Post House

Enjoy the photo’s

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