Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decoration Time

As I mentioned previously, I am a total sucker when it comes to Christmas decor, we usually have a small Christmas tree, one of those 90cm models that is hip high and you don’t need lots of decorations for it. Well last year it started to fall apart so on one of the specials at our local supermarket after Christmas, I bought another one on a huge special, we threw it in the closet since Christmas was already over and everyone was packing away all there decorations. Over the weekend while my parents were away I thought I will get our decorations up in hope of surprising them when they got back.

I started with our entry way, we have a wreath that always hangs over the door, but since it’s summer the door is always open and you don’t see the wreath, so I hanged it over the mirror, you might recognise the mirror from a previous blog. Our display cabinet is the perfect place for decorations so I threw all the telephones and post holders to the side (new home for them to be decided) and put all these things on there. The wreath with the candles will be lit on Sundays until Christmas, this Sunday we are at candle number 3.

And the lastly, the Christmas tree, remember how I mentioned we always have a small Christmas tree? Well I took out my brand new tree in a very small box, not noticing the manufacture sticker...

When I opened the box, the tree was in pieces and after assembly the tree was a whopping 1,8m tall! That’s twice the size of our normal tree, needless to say our decoration bubbles were not enough and I had to run to the store to get new ones, luckily I bought tree lights that usually wrapped a bunch of times around our small tree.

Sorry about the power cables and the dvd holder :) didn't think to clean before taking pics

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

All our windows were snow sprayed since we have summer here

I have these two signs outside our front door

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