Tuesday, 3 July 2012


50 Posts

So today marks the 50th post! Jay! I didn’t think I would last so long, and actually have some readers. Thank you. As you probably saw by now my blog does not follow normal patterns, I write about whatever takes my fancy.

Today my post is about the weather here. As you might know in South Africa it’s winter now. Usually it is pretty chilly here, but not this year. We have extremes. It is either extremely cold or mild spring weather.

Well last week we had really cold weather. I had to scrape the ice of the car. The weather was perfect. I love it when it’s that cold, especially if you have a day off and can just spend the day with your family. We snuggled under blankets, read books, played some games.

Frozen car (exuse the trash bags in the background)

I love how the ice covers the edges
More frozen plants

Our bird bath was frozen solid

Just for incase you don't believe me, that rock is on top of the ice.

Over the weekend we went to our local Pick n Pay, and they usually have a table full of games at discount prices. So we got Pictionary for Wii. That is one of the most fun games I have played. We found out my mom rules in that game.

I bought a new duvet cover when I got home and put it on my bed, I realised it is green. Time to redo my room, blue and green don't go together that well

I know this isn't a good picture of it, but it's a moss green, very light

Enjoy the rest of your day

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