Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull

A World without Heroes

Brandon Mull


A couple of weeks ago, a good friend of mine listened to me complaining that I am looking for a book to read that is different from the ones that I usually read. Since I was stuck on a World War 2 period and all the books I have read lately was based on that time.

At first I thought she is crazy, this is not my type of book, since it was fantasy based and I usually like more real scenario books. Well except for Harry Potter and Twilight saga. I found it an easy read. Brandon Mull has the way to transfer you into this world. Where you want to get up and actually help fight Maldor, and protect all the people of Lyrian.

The book starts where a prince is captured and blinded by Maldor; the prince then utters a WORD. A magic word, that can destroy Maldor, but alas this was a decoy Maldor. The prince is offered a chance to join Maldor or be tortured.

Jason is a teenager from Colorado; he is bored by his predictable life. Until he has a not so predictable work day at the zoo. He falls into the hippo pool, and is swallowed. The next thing he knows he climbs out of a tree in a different world. On his quest to get back home, he meets the Blind King who introduces him to Rachel who is also a beyonder. They start the quest together to find the syllables to the WORD that can destroy Maldor.

They go through difficult tasks to find the syllables. They meet displacers who can lose their limbs, and still life. They meet seed people who carries around an Amar, their seeds, this means they can grow again after they died. Jason got invited to the eternal feast, where he had to duel to be able to leave. Jason then goes to Mador’s palace and requests an audience with him. He then utters to word to Maldor. It does not work. Maldor has deceived his enemies all those years. There is no WORD that can destroy Maldor. Jason is then thrown in the dungeons after refusing to join Maldor.

Ferrin one of the displacers Jason met on his voyage, who is one of Maldor’s henchmen, helps Jason to escape. He then shows him a way home, when Jason wants to go help Rachel and warn her, Ferrin pushes him into the pool, and Jason emerges back on earth, on a farm.

This is the first book of the series. I am currently looking for the next one. This was a good change of scenario for me. It did take me a while to get used to the style of writing since I am a dedicated Jody Picoult fan. But when it finally captured me, it was a great book.

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