Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Harry Potter Party


Long time no blog, I am so sorry, been hectic here, let me get you caught up.


So in February I turned 25! Can you believe it? Well I can’t. We as friends held a combined birthday party since 2 of us have the same birth date and the one a week later. So what do a bunch of young adults do for a themed party? Easy we love Harry Potter, so thanks to Pintrest for a bunch of inspiration and weeks of planning we had our party. Here follows some photo’s:

The gang, in the back we have, Hagrid, and Sirius and Belatrix, the in the front we had Ron, Loona and I was Hermione

Casting Spells
The gang together

Our loony Loona
The three musketeers:
 All the yummy food, we had a little of everything, and gave them names from the series.

Wine coolers, was nice, but very potent ;)






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