Thursday, 18 October 2012

Breast Cancer Awereness Walk

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk


Sorry this post took so long, but had major issues with my laptop at work (since I spilled coffee over it) so had to setup a new work computer and sort out all the admin around the other one getting parts replaced, etc. Memo to self, try and slow down once in a while. Doing too many things at once may cause fatal problems J

Mom and I

My sister and I

Mom and Annien

Us ladies

On Saturday the 13th October 2012 we got up early to join the CANSA walk for Breast Cancer Awareness. We arrived at about 7 in the morning, to sign up, get our t-shirts on and put on our stickers. Then the wait started, I must say I was very impressed when we started on time this year. Since most years they start late. So at 8 we started the long 6 kilometre walk. When we decided to do this walk we thought we were getting fit, with our gym and Zumba classes. So how hard can 6km really be? I must say I got more than ¾ through the walk before I really thought I couldn’t go any further. Luckily the last bit was kind of downhill, but I think this works your legs more than the uphill part did, since you constantly have to stop yourself from running. Must say my shins felt it the next morning J

Some of the crowds, even the guys wore thos fight like a girl t-shirts

I am really proud of my mom and sister; we thought we were going to finish last, and that everyone will have to wait for us. We finished more or less in the middle and watched for the next 30 minutes how people came in and cheered them on. This felt like a victory to us. We felt like winners.


Now why would we choose to support the CANSA’s breast cancer projects you might ask? I know in most women’s minds, breast cancer seems like a distant concern, something that you don’t have to really think about. In our family it affected us directly. My Gran was diagnosed with Breast cancer in 2007/2008, luckily for us my Gran is a fighter and she survived, but many others in our family weren’t that lucky. I always say, Breast Cancer is a bitch (sorry for the language), it takes hold of your life, throws everything upside down, and then the news comes that you are now cured or in remission, and then when you least expect it, it comes back with a bang, bigger and worse than before. This has happened in so many cases that our family has come in contact with. Because of this we all hold up our breath when Gran goes to doctors, praying daily that she will never have to go through this again.


I know that the Lord won’t send anything across our paths that we cannot handle, and I thank Him every day for making us stronger through this and guiding us.





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