Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Weekend News

Weekend News


So I had a busy weekend, do you ever have those weekends were you wish that you can be two people at the same time? Well this was one of those weekends. Normally we are chilled over weekends, I usually go to work Saturday mornings and then we relax the rest of the day.


On Friday we had our book club meeting, the book we were supposed to read (I am still not done with it) is called Thr3e by Ted Dekker. So of course we thought a three course meal will be very fitting for the occasion, So Maatje brought samoesa’s and spring rolls with a sweet chilli sauce. Beate made the most amazing chicken schnitzel with fried potatoes. I order cupcakes with a book on top for each book we did and some extra ones with each person’s favourite book covers.

Each cupcake had a book we read, and couple of favourites


We didn’t really discuss the book since only four of us actually showed up. But I now know the end of the book, and it was what I suspected. (That post will still follow when I am done with the book)


On Saturday I had a sushi evening with my other group of friends (memo to self might have to introduce the whole bunch to one another, might solve some problems) we bought premade Bean curd and decided to make Californian rolls. Since this was my first time they went easy on me, and everything was cooked, I wonder if this still counts as sushi ;) We had a great night, filled with laughs and of course Chocolate chip ice cream (good thing Monday nights is Zumba nights, to burn off the calories)

Shrimp covered in bread crumbs

My first time rolling sushi

We even had some cutlery for our sushi, please excuse our Blackberry's

KT decided she also wants to see what sushi looks like

Ice cream for desert

Last night after our Zumba class we went to my one friend for her birthday, we ordered 25 balloons since she turned 25 yesterday, and how many times do you get to turn 25? We have a birthday tradition were we give the person one balloon per year. I think from next year on we will have to test our multiplication tables, 25 is the limit for the car J

25 Balloons floating to the ceiling

All the yummy snacks

 That is all for this post, chat soon :) 






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