Friday, 28 September 2012

Makro Opening


I know this is a weird post. On Wednesday the 26th of September we in Bloemfontein had an exciting day. We got our own Makro store, for those who live in other parts of the world. Makro is a partner with Wallmart (don’t know about the spelling) so this is a BIG store with loads of stuff.


So on Wednesday morning we got up at 2 am to go and get into the queue to get into the shop before work. Now some people might find this as extremely crazy. I felt a little stupid, but we got into the shop at 7 and we were 10th in the queue.


They had awesome specials my friend got a 32” tv for R1999. This is so cheap! I had two goals set for myself, I wanted a PVR decoder for our dish and my one colleague asked me to grab a CANON 500D that was marked down to R3999. I was done with my shopping by 7:30 but had to wait for my colleague to bring his money.

you will notice the cars at the top of the screen. those were in a queue from the city to get to Makro

I must admit I felt petrified with all those people pushing you out of the way, trying to grab all the specials up for grabs. I read in our local newspaper, that they jokingly referred to the fact that not even on an election day you will get so many Bloemfonteiners in a queue for hours.   





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