Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Catch up

Catch Up


So life has been very busy lately, I have a couple of things to catch-up on.


About two months ago we had to put our Boerbul to sleep, she had cancer and after two operations we felt that she was in too much pain. This left us with a crisis, with us living in South Africa, and having an open field behind us, which provides a walk through for people; we need a big dog to help scare burglars away. So introducing to the world. Our Leila, she is an 8 week old Labrador and the one of the cutest dogs on earth, she is also very playful, and luckily our year old Yorkie keeps her occupied.

Annien and Leila


We had a casual day on 7 September. This means that you dress up according to the theme of the year. This year it was pirates, sailors. So of course we grabbed the opportunity to dress up as pirates. Since we in South Africa don’t really have Halloween, we always look for the occasion to dress up.

Annien's Pirate gear
Roxy picking out a hat

Me in my pirate gear

I recently received a Kindle Touch, I totally love this, as you know I am a avid reader and this just makes it so much better, I have all my books at the touch of a button. So in love with this invention.


So this has brought you up to date. Will post the latest book review soon.





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