Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Vow


Have any of you seen The Vow starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams? My sister wanted to see this movie in the cinema, but after I saw the trailer, I figured I did not want a repeat of our The Notebook catastrophe. O yes you don’t know about our Notebook episode.


When The Notebook was in the cinema, I think I was in about 10th grade, I am not sure at this moment. A bunch of friends and I decided to go watch it. We did not really know anything about the movie; we just figured it will be a great movie to watch on a girl’s night out. So we bought our tickets, got some popcorn and cold drinks, went into the movies all dolled-up, looking pretty. When the movie was over we had to rush to the bathroom. Needless to say our mascara was all over our faces instead of just on our eyes. We were about 6 girls and between us, we had a tissue per person. We were not prepared for this movie. The best part was getting to the bathroom and seeing that we weren’t the only girls who were unprepared. The bathroom was filled with girls trying to fix their makeup. We burst out laughing then.


So you can imagine my reluctance. So we waited for the DVD, which came out last Monday. We rent it over the weekend. Let me tell you I was very glad we watched it at home. I could pause and get more tissues. This movie is one of the best movies I have watched in a while. The story was moving. I fell in love with Channing’s character. This guy had to get his wife to fall in love with him, twice!


The movie is based on the actual relationship between Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, who after being married for 10 weeks they were in a car accident were Krickitt suffered brain injuries, and Kim’s love was so deep that he had to make Krickitt fall in love with him again, since she could not remember him, or their relationship.


Here is a link to the trailer, and if you can, rent it. It is worth it.









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