Thursday, 27 September 2012

Heritage Day


On Monday the 24th September we had Heritage day in South Africa. What this means to us as Afrikaners (people who speak Afrikaans) it is BRAAI day (roughly translated Barbeque day). So this means when you drive around town you will smell people lighting fires, smelling the most delicious aromas of braaied meat.


We woke up to our lodger and her boyfriend having a braai. They didn’t want to pose for a photo, but they were still in their pj’s. It was so cute.


We didn’t get to braai until very late that afternoon, but we had lots of preparations. We made potato salad, stuffed mushrooms, and a lovely green salad. My dad went crazy and braaied a lot of meat, we still had left over’s until last night. Here is some photo’s of the yummy food we had.

My moms famous stuffed mushrooms.

Afrikaners love us some Boerewors





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