Monday, 20 August 2012

Hospital Stay

Hospital stay

As I told you last week, I was admitted to hospital, this was not in my planning, and this was also a horrible time for me since I thought we have beaten this disease since I haven’t been ill in almost a year. As I have mentioned before I have an illness in my leg called osteitis. It involves my leg being inflamed, and pain, etc. don’t need to go into the details.

So I phoned the doctor on the Monday and since he just got back from leave he was busy that I could only get an appointment for Wednesday, but I was in pain, so I decided to drop in late Monday afternoon to beg for a prescription. Luckily I have a very kind (when he isn’t fighting) doctor and got and OR time booked in less than 30 minutes for Wednesday (even before my appointment time)

Wednesday afternoon we pitched at the hospital to be admitted. My best friend and sister in tow. Needless to say we sat in admissions for 2 hours waiting for a bed, since I had to be in a private room because of the infection. I was getting nervous because the time arranged was 2 o’clock and we still did not have a bed. At 13:50 I was admitted into the children’s ward. The doctor was already waiting and since I was supposed to get x-rays and blood work done and none of those things was done. Told you my doctor is nice, except when he is fighting with everyone. So I was operated on and later the afternoon I was moved to the orthopaedic ward (my second home)

I slept the whole day, only read when I could keep my eyes open, and of course when friends came to visit. I think my doctor wanted to ensure that my pain was managed and all the different concoctions made me very sleepy. I took some pictures with my phone when I was bored.

All my bracelets they almost cover your whole arm

Lovely snacks in the afternoon

This machine is small but can make a lot of noise

Atleast I got pretty flowers

And a succulent, I love these little guys

Televisions in the ceiling. No need to sit and watch

This little guy is so much better than having to sit with an earpiece

So yesterday I was released, unfortunately with a surgy-vac still installed and since I am not one of those people who can hang around at home doing nothing I came to work this morning J don’t worry the pipe and all its goodies is safely hidden in a bag. So no co-workers will be grossed out, aren’t I considerate?

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