Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Bad news

So last week my leg started playing up again, been sitting around doped u on pain killers and a warm water bottle. Kind of helps or I imagine that it helps J

So after gym last night, which I had to sit out, I hated each moment, because they were doing Zumba and I love it. But anyway, we went past my doctor’s office on the way home and I told my mom to stop so we could just get a prescription until my appointment on Wednesday. Lucky/unlucky me caught the doctor just before he left, I asked just for a prescription and over the objections of his secretary he says he would take a look. Well the bad news is I am going into hospital tomorrow, the good news is tomorrow this time I will be blissfully under anaesthetics and the pain will be gone.

So I will write again as soon as I am feeling better.

Wish me luck

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