Friday, 12 October 2012

Thr3e - Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker

As promised, I finished Ted Dekker’s book called Thr3e, this was an amazing book, and it kept me hooked until the end. I literally could not put it down once I started. I loaded the book onto my Kindle when we had to read it for book club; I did the unthinkable, and put down all the other books, focusing only on this one book... I know shocking stuff J

The book is about Kevin, a seminary student, who gets a phone call as he is driving home from school, informing him there is a bomb in his car, and that he has three minutes to confess a sin and solve a riddle. He sees an open parking lot with an open area next to it. He then barely escapes the car before the car blows up.

Suddenly his world is turned upside down; he needs to find out what the sin is he needs to confess before the psycho Slater destroys everything that is close to him. Slater knows things about Kevin, which he didn’t even tell Samantha, his childhood friend. Slater demands Samantha should also join his little game.

Jennifer is a FBI agent on the track of the “Riddle Killer”, and as Slater’s work looks to be the same as the Riddle killer she is assigned to the case. Slater’s riddles all involve opposites and works in multiples of three’s. Jennifer feels she is getting too involved with Kevin.

The book builds up and draws you, as reader in; you feel Kevin’s anxiety at having to reveal his past to Samantha and Jennifer. You get mad when Slater stays one step ahead, you feel Jennifer falling for Kevin. You feel sorry for Samantha when she “hands-over” Kevin to Jennifer. You want to help Kevin. The book is brilliantly written, and the ending is so unexpected.

Since Kevin is a seminary student, you can feel his trust in God, his inner conflict. This is a great novel written for Christians. This is a great book and Ted Dekker really did a fantastic job.

I heard there is a film version of the movie might try it out soon.

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