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Long time no blog; I know I am so bad with this lately...


A friend and I discovered a series that has been running for 50 years, we were determined on catching up before the next new episode. What might this new series be, you might ask? Doctor Who.

Now I must be very honest with you, I don’t watch Star Trek, Star Wars, Galactica or any Sci-Fi series.

We saw the pins on pinterest (evil pinterest) and decided this looks cool, let’s get some episode. After some research we decided on where to start, the revival series that started in 2005. Entering into our lives as the 9th Doctor was Christopher Eccleston. We fell in love with his witty remarks, his leather jacket, and his companion Rose. We watched, it took over our lives, our jokes started to revolve around the Doctor, our Pinterest boards started to fill up with Doctor Who pins.

We cried when he regenerated into the 10th Doctor, portrayed by David Tennant, my personal favourite Doctor, and yes if any Whovians are reading this, I know we are not supposed to have favourites, but deal with it. We cried, more than a normal person would ever cry about a television show. We fought along with him, we learned his catch phrases: Allons-y, Brilliant and aren’t you Beautiful, our hearts broke when Rose left, we were in denial when Martha entered, laughed at Donna’s no nonsense attitude towards this very attractive man, we cried when Donna was not allowed to have memories of him, was depressed for days when 10 regenerated into 11.

The goofy, funny 11th Doctor is Matt Smith, and although I was in denial and didn’t want to accept it, I learned to like Matt’s portrayal of this wonderful timelord. His catch phrases: Geronimo, I wear a bowtie now, bowties are cool. We loved the raggedy man, the ponds, and the impossible girl.

We watched until late night, we are scared of normal everyday things: angel statues, gas masks, tally marks, forgetting.

 Today I am proud to say, my name is Elize, I am 25 years old and I am a Whovian!!

We are determined to find the classic Doctor Who before the 50th anniversary in November. We finally caught up and had to find out that the wonderful Matt Smith has stepped down, and now a new Doctor will start in the next series.

We have a great friend that when we went to have coffee with him and his wife on the night of the announcement of the new Doctor, was willing to help us watch the announcement live, This is big since we live in South Africa and most people haven’t even heard of this show.


In the rest of my life, I am still on the lookout for a permanent job, and since discovering Doctor Who might even consider moving to England. Well let’s start smaller and a different city might also work. I am now on a stage in my life where I really want to start doing stuff that normal grownups do, I want to move out of my parents place, I want to buy a car. Then I realise how many times I say I want (yes I did watch princess diaries, and yes this was intentional) There are so many other things I should want to give and not just receive. I am thankful for each day, and I am so blessed. I mean, I started out on a contract position that was only supposed to last 3 months and here we are almost 3 years later. I love my job, and how many people can say this?


Well I hope that I can keep up with blog again.




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