Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year


New Year, new resolutions, this year I am really going to try and keep up with this blog, I really fell behind last year. This makes me so sad since the blog is supposed to keep track of what I have done in my life, and so far it just seems I discovered Doctor Who (Well that isn’t so bad, is it?)


I found this inspirational picture,


Looking at it, it sets guide lines on making the perfect New Year’s resolutions. I know each year everyone says need to lose weight, etc. But these they make you think.


I already know what bad habit I am going to try and break (no I am not sharing)


Learn a new skill: My aunt and I have talked about this one, I am going to learn a new language, I have family in Germany, and there are a lot of countries in Europe where they speak German, so German it will be.


Do a good deed: well this one will have to take some thought, and planning, still working on it.


Visit a new place: I have an idea of where I want to go; just still need to work out budgets (Will share as soon as it is official)


Read a difficult book: This is a tricky one, because what is difficult for me might not be difficult for everyone. So ideas will be useful


Write something important: Don’t laugh dear reader, but for a long time I have had this plot in my mind, a story I have been working on but never found the time to write it down, it might be a short story (a very short story) But I am going to try and write it, who knows might even publish it here.


Try a new food: well for those who know me you will know this is a very touchy subject, I am not a picky eater but I never try something new. It’s always the same stuff. So this will be hard


Take an important risk: This is a BIG one, for me this either means that I have to fish or cut bait when my contract is up at the end of November, or who knows something else might happen through the year.


I also plan on really sticking to doing book reviews with each book that I read, and I have set a new goal of at least 30 books for the year. This is pushing it since I didn’t make my 25 books goal last year, missed it with 4. The last couple of books reviews will be up soon, still working on them.


Thank you for stopping by, and Happy 2014 to you all!


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