Thursday, 12 April 2012



So Easter was this past weekend, what did you do for Easter? Since we were small, my parents taught us that Easter and Christmas does not revolve around how much toys you can get or chocolate eggs. But now that we are grown-up and we know what it’s all about, my parents try and go out of their way to make it special.

We went camping at a site near Bloemfontein, the same one we went to for Christmas, it was just as crowded as it was then, and we stood on the opposite side of where we were the previous time. Because the site was so full of people, the power kept tripping J so much fun in the middle of the night, when you are in your bed, reading and the power just goes out. So every couple of hours the power tripped and then some guys from the other groups kept running to the box to fix the problem. Sometimes in tiny shorts (it was the middle of the night)

We missed the Friday sermon at church, so I made sure to make it to the Sunday, which meant we had to be up by 5:00, the service was at 6:00 so we could stand outside in the cold, waiting for the sun to come up. When the sun came up, the church bells rang and our organist played the most beautiful piece I have heard, it gave me goose bumps; just in case you were wondering it wasn’t because I was cold. Afterwards we had hot cross buns and coffee at the church with my new friends from our young adults group. Of course straight after that I had to at least log onto Facebook 50 days is a long time to be away from it, I even forgot my password J

We then went back to our camping site and enjoyed the rest of the day with my family and my mom’s best friend and her family. It was a cool day but sunny, the weather is perfect lately.

We came back late on Monday afternoon. Must admit there are still some washing to be done, and it’s almost weekend again.

On Tuesday none of us felt like going to the gym so we only went yesterday, I felt so much better afterwards, since I had a bad day, involving the dentist and booking an appointment with another dentist to have my wisdom teeth pulled. Doesn’t that sound like so much fun? Can you hear the sarcasm dripping out of my mouth, I have a major fear of dentists and then they want me to be awake?

Are they crazy?!?

Well I have bored you enough today, chat soon, I am alone at work, and it’s quiet so want to get a few more pages read before tonight’s book club. Do you like our name: TheBibliophileClubOfMissMandfriends? I like it.

Have a great day

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