Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Movie Night

Saturday Night is Movie Night

I don’t know if other people have the same problem, so here goes.

At our house we have a lot of DVD’s and I mean a lot. We collected them over the years and every Saturday evening when there is nothing on television, as it usually happens we have a BIG fight about what to watch, since each one in the family has their favourites.

So a couple of months ago we came up with the brilliant idea. Each one picks two of the movies they really want to watch, write them on a piece of paper, throw them in a bowl, on shakes the bowl and draws the winning movie. This way no one can say they never get to watch their movies. Sometimes if we are in the mood on a Sunday we will draw another movie from the remaining ballots.

Our Ballots

This is what you look like when you don't win

And this is what you look like if you do

Excuse the washing lines, it was pouring outside and Saturdays are our washing days. What do you guys do when you can’t choose?

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