Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Blackberry Craze

So the Blackberry craze has hit the country, and in South Africa everywhere you go 6 out of 10 people will be chatting on their Blackberry. I must admit that I have also recently joined this fad and have actively been telling everyone I know those who want to know and those who don't care that I love this little black device of mine. Why? Why have I and so many other people fallen for this wonderful device?

Well lets look at some facts...   

Since I received my Blackberry I must say I have heard of many people who have lost all their data on their phones, and therefore I am telling you listen to people who have Blackberry's they know when the updates are necessary and which applications work and which are just a waste of space. I have learned through other friends that you always back-up your Blackberry before you let the updates install. Horror stories about people loosing their contacts and their music (which to be honest you can just go and copy again or download) it is still a slep if you have go and find all your friends again. Luckily for me, my parents still grew up in the good old days, so I have a little black book containing all the numbers of people who are important to me.

The plus side of Blackberry is BBM, what is that some of you might ask? It's Blackberry Messenger, which basically means if you pay your subscription every month then you can chat to your friends for free, well this has come into good use with me, I have family overseas who have Blackberry's so I keep in touch with daily chats. How many people can say they can have whole conversations using for instance sms for as little as R60, I used to use up R60 in a day if I wasn't careful, and now I still have last months airtime and this months. I must say that is a huge plus side, since now I can phone all my friends who don't have Blackberry's and tell them about all the plus sides of having a one.

The other plus side is also by paying your monthly fee you can surf the internet for free, this might not sound WOW to those of you who probably don't even use the internet on a permanent basis, but this is great if you want to download songs, and if you want to quickly browse the internet if you saw something you want to look into.

And of course just like other phones you can add cool covers and screen savers.

 Well hopefully I have confinced a few more future Blackberry fanatics, or even confinced one person that they will never get one. Just remember never is an awful long time :)

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