Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Manic Wednesday

Hey all,

Sorry for being so absent lately, a lot has happened in the last few weeks, As you might know I am currently looking for a more permanent job, I was on a short list for a company in Bloemfontein (where I live by the way) but after an extremely difficult test which I failed I did not get the position, as is normal, I was, am devastated. This would have been the perfect opportunity, I studied Computer sciences and majored in programming, this job would have been perfect; it’s an internship for a year, so they would have trained you and you will still have a year’s programming experience. Of course my family is very encouraging, and keeps cheering me on, but after this small blow morale is low and I need a pick me up... too bad I am not the drinking kind, would drown my sorrows J

So yesterday my sister, best friend and I went and watched Lion King in 3D, as always, Lion King is the best movie ever and we all enjoyed it extremely. There were even a couple of people singing to the songs, and those who have great memories also saying the lines with the movie. It was amazing. Who would have guessed so many people remembered this movie out of their heads. I personally did not like the 3D because as we all know Lion King was not made for 3D, so it was a waste, I should have waited until it was in 2D. Definitely getting this movie for my collection.

Last night when we were walking through our local mall after the movie, we encountered some stores that were still open, and I am one of those persons when I see the word SALE I can’t resist, I have to go in and check it out, even if I don’t buy anything. Unfortunately for my bank account it was a book sale and I can’t resist a book that is cheap. I am an avid reader so I got a couple of cool titles for my library...which by the way no way near resembles a library, but someday it will.

My latest craft project is an old chest of drawers, it was my grandmothers and is currently not looking very good, I have already bought the sanding paper which needs to vary in coarseness? This is going to be a first for me and I am kind of dreading it, but luckily the internet is near and I can always ask someone.

Well this is all for today, Have a great Wednesday

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