Thursday, 15 September 2011

DIY projects

Morning All

So yesterday I was browsing some of my favourite blogs and I came across this wonderful website filled to the brim with wonderful DIY ideas and as I am a 23 year old who at this moment is just sitting at home every single night not doing anything remarkable except keeping up with Super nanny and Grey’s Anatomy I thought I should attempt some projects to just keep me busy. If you want to check this site click on the link below and go check it out

Okay so I have a couple of ideas which I am going to be attempting to do (well we will see how far I getJ) Here are some pictures of the projects I tagged, there is also one which I am still looking for the plans, I have this old dresser in my room that I want to redo, my grandfather build it and it was in my room ever since I can remember, but we never actually gave it any attention so it took a beating, so now I want to make it look new again. I bought the sanding paper weeks ago and have been looking over DIY websites explaining how to go about doing this project. So now I finally feel ready to go at it. So this will be started tonight.

Since it is now spring I thought I might try this one

This one just screams summer,

This one might adorn our door for Christmas

This one is my all time favourite and will defnitely get a special place this festive season

So after work this afternoon I am of to some craft shops to find supplies and then I am going to start sanding the dresser, wish me luck.

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