Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tuesday Thunder

Tuesday Thunder

Hey all, so it’s already Tuesday and I totally forgot to let you know what happened this weekend. So here goes...

As always I worked on Saturday morning, which usually just sucks a bit, because I already work full days the rest of the week and I’m usually beat by the Saturdays, It’s a small material shop in my hometown, I have been working there since I started to study, and sometime I really enjoy it, and other times I wish I could be spending the time with my family instead of being there. But anyway after a long 4 hours I get to go home and fetch my sister and friend so we could go shopping for supplies for our pizza party that night.

I must admit we probably bought more things than we could actually put on the pizza’s and since it was our first time making the pizza’s ourselves, we weren’t really sure which topics would work well or which will be a total flop. So we ended getting ham, cheese, mushrooms (lots of mushrooms, we are all big mushroom fans), Salami and some deboned ribs. On our way home, I got the message that we could go and fetch my mom from the course she was attending for the day, it was a short course in sign language, I really wanted to attend it but since I work I could not attend. Needles to say I have been hounding my mom to teach me everything she learned. My mom is an Audiologist & Speech therapist, so it’s part of her job...

Okay back to our pizza building...

When we got home we started to knee the dough, so that it could have enough time to rise and make lots of pizza’s J I must say I made the big mistake of putting in enough water to make the recipe 4 times but we quickly rectified it with my friends brilliant mathematical mind. Must say we got more pizza’s out than we expected. I then also made our pudding which was a quick recipe, but it takes a long time to set. All you need for this quick pudding is a 2l ice cream tub, packed of Romany creams and a tin of caramel treat. You then let the ice cream melt enough to make it easy to stir something in, and then take ¾ of the tin of caramel treat and stir it into the ice cream. You then take the Romany creams and smash them into a pulp (works best if you’re in a bad mood and want to whack all your frustrations out) when the Romany creams are smashed you mix the rest of the caramel treat with them and then form a base in a biggish dish. You then pour the ice cream mix on top and then put it in the fridge. Best ice cream tart ever.

Anyway so our pizzas were a big success and we gobbled them all up in the one evening. We played wii, which was so much fun, my friend got an extra remote and now all of us can play at one time, needless to say that we were rolling around on the floor half of the time. We enjoyed it very much.

On Sunday we went to a friend of ours baby’s christening. The church was packed and we got stuck at the back of the church looking at a pillar instead of the christening. Would probably teach us to show up early to a christening in a popular church. Afterwards we went to my gran who lives in Edinburg which is about 80 km away from Bloemfontein. And due to construction on the highway which has a waiting period of 20 minutes per stop we had to take a detour road. Our poor poor car got so shaken I don’t think it will ever recover. There were so many potholes on this one road, it was unbelievable. If you dodged the one you promptly fell into the other. Not nice L Thank God we made it there in one piece and had a wonderful day, just chilling with my gran spending time with her. Thank you so much granny. Love you lots.

Well so the new week started yesterday and so also our resolution to start the battle of the bulge, our fight started with a 5 o’clock Zumba session. I can really recommend this, after being breathless we just kept going and enjoyed it immensely, so much giggling so early in the morning is really good for you J you should really check it out.

And today we are going for a long walk, with our new shoes which I got on a special at Reebok for R200 which is a big difference from R1000 I think. I just love a bargain.

Well I wish you all a wonderful rest of the week. Chat soon

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