Thursday, 29 September 2011

Another Thursday

Another Thursday

Hey all, so sorry to not have been around for a while, I unfortunately spend a week in hospital; this is due to a chronic illness I have been suffering from since a little girl. But which does not kill you will only make you stronger.

So last week I started the week with pain in my leg due to Chronic Osteitis, sorry for the spelling but I am not a doctor, so I went to the doctor and he booked me into the hospital for the Wednesday, A lot had to be done between the Monday and the Wednesday, I had to get some summer pj’s and had to get myself another book, since I thought my book won’t last the couple of days. Since I wanted this book for so long, I started reading it immediately and totally forgot about the other oneJ, anyway I got everything together and organised everything at work, and on Wednesday was admitted to the hospital.

I visited the grumpy sleep fairy (that’s what they called him when I was small), the anaesthesiologist and he made me sleep and the doctor fixed the pain and so I spend the week in the hospital and just slept the whole time. So yesterday I got released from my sleepy state and got to go home. So spend the afternoon just getting everything paid that needs to be paid at the end of the month and getting ready for first day of work which is today.

So after catching up the whole morning, I have been stuck on again, this is my favourite site and I just seem to lose hours on it. My parents are out of town this weekend, and I scored an off weekend since I can’t stand the whole time, so who knows might actually get to do some of the things I have been pinning since I stumbled across it a few weeks ago.
Tomorrow our national team plays their match against Fiji in the World Cup so I am going to have to make sure my supporter t-shirt for tomorrow. Hopefully we win then we can go through to the next round.

Well that’s all folks.

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