Monday, 3 October 2011

Monday Rantings

Monday Ranting

Good afternoon all!

So this week I am on a mission, since my contract at work expires at the end of December it is probably time that I start searching again for other options, although I hate the thought of having to leave here since I like it so much, but unfortunately they have informed us that contracts won’t be extended again. It was a good run, since when I started working here I had a three month contract and that was a year ago.

We had a wonderful weekend, my dad went to Swartriggens for his high school reunion, my mom would have gone with him, but she didn’t want to go with so she ended staying which was wonderful. Since I could hardly walk from my operation the previous week I had the weekend off from my weekend job, so for the first time in a while I could just spend the time with my mom. We never made any food; we lived on take-out, and eating out. I just loved spending the time with her. For those who haven’t realised yet, I’m a real mommy’s girl, the day I have to move out will be heart breaking, and I don’t think she or I will survive without each other. But I guess most young woman feel like that when the daunting thought of moving on comes up.

I still haven’t tested any of my ideas from, since I can’t find most of the supplies needed. How hard can it be to supply wreaths people, I mean Christmas is around the corner and you’re not going to wait until the day before Christmas to put up your wreaths, I didn’t think it will be so hard to find something, but most people just give you this blank stare which says: “Are you from Mars?!?” It’s really funny sometimes, but this weekend it was frustrating. Maybe I will get it when Eunice’s Christmas Market starts at the end of the month; they always have things like this. Check it out if you are in the Bloemfontein region around 28 October, it’s worth it. Just know tramping is inevitable. Most people do their Christmas shopping then, just as I plan on doing J

So tomorrow my group of friends are going to go watch the Smurf movie, It was my friend’s birthday over the weekend, since her boyfriend came to visit we decided to spoil her tomorrow, can’t wait to watch it, I used to love the Smurfs when I was little.

So I wish you all a wonderful rest of the week, our weather is really messed up the one minute it is really warm and the next we have hail storms with wind and rain. Really scary

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