Monday, 31 October 2011



Good morning all,

As promised here are a picture preview of my wreath project, I took a grape vein wreath, and wrapped it with an old denim when I was done I realised it look very dull so I took some denim and started making flowers but they just looked stupid. My sister is a second year education student and she had a big project where they had to make hand puppets and she used felt and there was still a lot left over, so I took some scraps and cut out circles. I then cut the circles into strips and then rolled it up, as you might see some of these look really nice and others sort of looks sloppy, but first timer here, so I think it turned out good, and it looks like a summer wreath, next project will be getting ready for Christmas, I have a bazillion ideas running through my head.

In other news it was a really quiet weekend, I also decided that I want to go visit my uncle in England next year, so I definitely have to start saving some money and my passport needs to be in order.

So I will leave you with another picture, until next time

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