Friday, 28 October 2011


Thank goodness it’s Friday

Good morning all!
I’m quickly grabbing a moment to update you guys, this has been an eventful week indeed.

I have had my first date like almost ever, don’t get me wrong I had a boyfriend or two in college but since we went to classes together and sometimes hung out afterwards it was never a big thing to go out especially to get to know each other. So this week there was a guy and asked me out, and I went. The only problem for me was this guys age, you see I am 23 almost 24 and he is 36! 13 years is a big deal in my book, so we will see how it goes. Afterwards I got invited to another one, but unfortunately had plans.

So at work we were really busy, as you might know I studied IT and I also did programming and then a lot of how you plan and execute the programs, now either these people just don’t do what they are taught but how do you roll-out a program containing so many bugs to half the countries brokers, really weird, but it keeps our days filled with new and exciting things to doJ

The other thing is since in South Africa the next big holiday is Christmas thus the shops are already decorated in their Christmas finery, which I don’t mind, I love Christmas it’s my favourite holiday. I love the decorations, the spirit of giving (I always go way over board on buying Christmas gifts) and the fact that our Lord was born as a human to die for our sins. The only bad thing about already decorating now, it’s a whole 2 months before the fact, I sometimes wish I wasn’t in South Africa, I bet in America they are all decked out in Halloween decorations until Sunday and then it’s probably going to be decorated for Thanksgiving. So no Christmas decorations until December and that is how it should be.

I have made a denim wreath which I saw on, I am almost done with it, since the felt flowers are taking a lot of time, Photos will be posted soon, mine looks different from the one showed in the link, I saw a tutorial on how to make flowers from felt, so testing that.

Well have a fantastic weekend, I am going to go to my High school’s Christmas market (I know I just complained but it’s only this week, since end of year exams start after the market) anyway, goodbye for now.

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