Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

Good morning all!

So this morning I have a few thoughts to share and yes it may seem random but come on, I’m a girl and deserve to blow of some steam every now and then.

First of all; my gran is going back home today after a few weeks staying with us, we always love this time with her, especially when it’s so long since she last stayed with us, and I mean she lives about 80km away from us, but it’s always such a battle to just get her to visit, this makes me sad because one day my job can move me to another part of the country and then it isn’t just 80km then we are speaking of 1000! So I try to spend as much time with her as we can. I have always had a very special place in my heart for this gran.

So yesterday when we got home, my gran’s eyes were as big as saucers, there was two young men in our yard trying to break into the house, now first things first they probably thought no one is home, and my gran kept her cool and didn’t freak out, when she got to one of the bedrooms she saw this person trying to open the window from the outside, she just yelled at them “What do you think you are doing!” and the little scamp ran off. Now I’m asking you since she thinks they are no older than 15, why weren’t they in school? Anyhow, this could have ended badly since we read so much about old people being murdered by the most gruesome ways in South Africa we are just so happy that they ran away and didn’t still force their way in. Another point of interest is please don’t rely on your massive dog to actually scare these people off; ours ran to where she thought my gran usually is and stood guard there! Good dog!

The best part was when my mom phoned the police office in the afternoon, she just wanted peace of mind, and asked the police officer if they can please send someone to the house, just to look around, see if they can see any markers (there is some gangs who place markers out so other people know what’s going on around the house, usually leaves placed in a certain way, or coloured objects symbolising certain things) anyway, this lady who is part of the police force, who is supposed to protect us, told my mom straight out, if no one was killed or nothing was stolen they won’t (WON’T!?!) send anyone out, I mean come on. This lady just said it’s the homeowners’ responsibility to protect themselves!!! What more can one do? You have a burglar alarm, a humongous dog, and still they get in. I can’t believe we have come to this point.

Then in further news, our Rugby team (the Springboks) got knocked out of the Rugby World cup in New Zealand L how sad, they did a great job, and I am not going to blame it all on the referee, although I feel it’s mostly his fault, they didn’t take advantage of each opportunity to score tries so, it is kind of their fault as well, but still the referee wasn’t objective, and for those who don’t know, South Africa went to the quarter finals and played Australia, the ref was from New Zealand, totally not objective.

Well anyway, I have bored you enough today with my little blowing off of steam, Have a fantastic dayJ

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