Tuesday, 18 October 2011

His Grace

His Grace

Hey sorry for being so absent these last couple of days, it’s been hectic at work and just life in general. As you all know I am currently looking for a more permanent position, I have been working at my current job as a contractor and being a girl I would like more stability in my life, I am searching for a permanent appointment, but all things will come in their own time, the right job will come.

Another thing you might remember is that I have a chronic disease Osteitis(Excuse the spelling, I’m not a doctorJ),  and this last week or so I met someone who told me that I should consider renewing my faith since it’s a punishment from God? Just get one thing straight, I am a Christian, I believe in God. The one thing that most people don’t understand is to me this isn’t a punishment, this is God’s way of reminding me, that I should not wander of the path, and that I should trust Him, other people might not see it from my point of view, but if you suffer from the same illness for so long (almost 15 years) you don’t want to just sit on a heap and feel sorry for yourself, there are people with much worse in their life, and my disease isn’t life threatening. So to those who think I should consider my position with God or whatever you might call it, just know you don’t have to worry about me, I’m happy and totally not depressed, the Lord cares for me and looks after me.

So back to everyday life, this weekend I still haven’t gotten round to actually doing any of my DIY projects I have been lining up, and it gets frustrating since I really want to do them but just don’t get the time through the day over weekends.

Saturday evening, my friends and I went to the local mall and wanted to do the whole safari dinner thing. Going from stand to stand, get some of our favourites and then get a nice spot and eat, needless to say it didn’t quite go according to planJ we ended up eating crumbed mushrooms, which we all love and the best spring rolls in town at Red Pepper, after feeling so stuffed we thought about walking around to make space and ended up in the book shop, all of us adore books, and the best thing is when you want a book, one of the others usually has that book in their collection. LOVE it!! Anyway so we found a couple of books and thought a nice cup of coffee will be great at that moment, we didn’t just get any cup of coffee we each had a cafe mocha, which has chocolate mousse and vanilla cream in, totally fattening and we all felt like dying afterwardsJ

Got a recipe here that I downloaded, totally going to try it:     

Cafe mocha is a combination of espresso and chocolate, typically served in a tall, glass mug. This coffee-and-chocolate combination can also be found in desserts, icings, candy and dessert sauces.

Edit Ingredients

  • Fresh, cold milk
  • Freshly ground coffee
  • Water
  • Drinking chocolate

Edit Steps

Heat the water:

·         Different models may vary, but make sure you pour enough water into the tank of the machine so that the pump pipes are fully submerged. Turn on the power and the pump to pump water into the boiler.

·         Turn on the boiler to heat the water. The handle that holds the coffee is called the group handle and this should be locked into the machine. The light on the machine will go out when the water is at the correct temperature.

·         Turn off the boiler and press the dosage button to let water flow through the handle for about 10 seconds. This will clean it through and heat it to the same temperature as the water.

·         Add the chocolate. Put a teaspoon of chocolate powder or 1oz chocolate syrup in the bottom of a coffee cup.
·         Add the coffee. Put the correct amount of coffee (see Tips) in the filter basket and tap it to create a level surface. Use the tamper provided to compact the coffee. This will ensure the water doesn't flow through it too fast.
·         Filter. Lock the group handle into the machine and put the coffee cup underneath. Turn on the dosage button. The coffee should take 14-18 seconds to filter through for a single espresso and 20-25 seconds for a double, after which you should turn off the dosage button. If it is filtering through too fast, add a bit more coffee and compact it more firmly. If you are grinding your own coffee beans, grind them more finely.
·         Steam the milk. Milk can be steamed using the steam arm on your coffee machine. Turn the arm on full for 5 seconds before inserting it into the milk, as this will clean it through. If you want a frothy, cappuccino-style topping, insert the arm into the jug of milk so that the tip is just below the surface. If you want a smoother, cafĂ© latte-style topping, position the arm so it goes down the side and to the bottom of the jug. Turn it back on full and wait a few moments until the sides of the jug are hot enough to be uncomfortable to the touch. Turn off and take the jug away. Wipe the steam arm and turn it on to clean it through once more.
·         Add the milk. Tap the jug on a work surface and swirl the milk around to create a shiny surface with the consistency of thick custard. Carefully pour the milk on top of the chocolate espresso mixture and serve.

I know we don’t all have these fancy machines, but I’m going to try it on our coffee machine, will take pictures as I go and let you guys know how I did, So have a great day, Chant soon

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