Monday, 12 September 2011

Manic Monday

Manic Monday

Morning all! Hope everyone is doing absolutely fabulous, here is South Africa we are on our way to summer and it’s already very warm at about 27˚C, which is very warm for spring. Here it was a quiet week and weekend.

Since last Tuesday the following has happened...

My baby cousin started school in the UK, she is only 3 so it seems very weird for us here to think of her a school girl, in South Africa the kids go to pre-school which is mostly just art and play, I may be wrong but that’s what it mostly consists of. I checked her schedule; they have real classes such as French, English Lit, Math, art etc. That is a heavy load for a little person isn’t it? She is even wearing a school uniform! I wish her all the luck in her school career, love you lots little Princess

Since Friday everyone is going Rugby crazyJ the Rugby World Cup is in New Zealand and people are getting up early in the morning to watch matches, not even mentioning yesterday’s stunt where people skipped church to ensure they are home at 10:30 to watch the South Africa vs Wales game. By the way the Bokke won!!!! Go team. Anyway back to the fact that people are going bonkers over the rugby, we even had a guy at work that missed the whole morning Friday to watch the opening ceremony. Why I don’t know, it’s not like they have been repeating it on TV like a thousand times since Friday.

Yesterday after church we thought we will indulge our self’s in some shopping for my mom’s garden for summer. She has these pots on our porch which she fills every season with seasonal flowers so we had to get some for summer, was a lovely day and the weather was really nice, except for a horribly strong wind, not the best day to decide to wear a dress and loose hair me thinks J

So when we got home my parents went to visit my dad’s cousin and we didn’t know what to watch and while I was channel hopping I landed on History channels broadcast of the World Trade Centre plane crashes 10 years again. Living in South Africa and not having DSTV back then we only got the watered down version of the story and back then I was a primary school girl and didn’t really know what it all meant, just remember my uncle being in New York the week before that... I think, still have the postcard in my collection. Anyway, so yesterday we landed on this episode where they showed everything, from the planes crashing and the towers falling with real people filming and the response team radio broadcasting. It was such a big shock, it was like I watched it for the first time, the people who jumped from the windows, falling to their death, people running in the streets trying to avoid the smoke and ashes when the towers fell, My heart goes out to those families, I know everyone always say you will recover, life goes on, and yes it does, but people lost mom’s, dad’s, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, you don’t just forget something like that. My heart goes out to all those people who stayed behind, may your hearts be mended and one day the ache in your hearts dull. Our prayers are with you al still.

Have a wonderful week to all,

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