Thursday, 1 September 2011

Happy Spring

Happy Spring

Happy spring to everyone out there!! I hope you all have had a wonderful day, Our garden has sprung to life almost overnight with blossoms covering every fruit tree and small extra green leaves sprouting from the trees, it’s always so fascinating for me to see how everything goes from dead to alive in almost a day. Even the grass has this special green shine to it, everything looks so new. I guess that is what makes spring so special for me, that green is not the same the rest of the seasons. I must say we have gone from almost ice cold weather to scorching hot, so the doctors in Bloemfontein will make lots of money this season, people have been wearing shorts in winter and scarves and jackets in summer,

My friends and I spend our lunch today in a local party shop, we didn’t think it through properly before going because tomorrow is Casual Day and it’s a rocker theme, so everyone and more was in that shop getting their outfits for tomorrow, I am still undecided but I have bought my special sticker so still have some time to think about something to wear J Well back to the reason why we went there, my one friends boyfriend is graduating in about 2weeks and she really wants to make it special since his parents aren’t going to be there. So we bought little things to put into a cracker, and cup cake decorations, etc. She is going to spoil him so much, but how many times does one get ones doctorate degree?

I can’t wait for the weekend we have been planning a pizza party for a while now and it has finally come to the weekend to actually hold it. We are going to be building our own pizza’s not the store bought kind that everyone pays way too much for, and honestly my mom’s homemade pizza’s are easily way better than the store bought kind. We even make our own dough, and since it is so warm outside we can probably eat it outside.

Well that’s all for today, I hope everyone enjoys their Spring day, and for those who aren’t in this part of the world where it’s autumn. Enjoy it...

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