Thursday, 19 January 2012

Total Randomness

Total Randomness

So today I decided to put up some total random photos, I also still need to do a post about my sisters 21st the past Saturday.

First things first on Tuesday Nic and I went to the cricket, South Africa vs. Sri Lanka, at first I thought how can this sport that goes on and on be fun to watch live? For those of you that don’t know me, let me clue you in, when I watch Cricket on television, I watch for about 10 minutes then resume my normal programming, I have never watched a cricket program from the start to the finish, and yes I know that I might miss some action but that is okay by me. Well so now you know why I was so sceptical about watching the whole game live, well I was pleasantly surprised, there was music playing the whole time, people doing the wave that went around the stadium twice! Don’t forget my guilty pleasures, watching other people. It also gave me and Nic time to get to know each other better. I didn’t take that many pictures but got some of the action on my Blackberry.

Sri Lanka playing
South Africa playing

Tarps coming out when it started raining

I forgot to mention that it started pouring at about 22:00 and South Africa won thanks to the DL system

I also decided to post some of the funny things our cats do, we have a Main Coon that loves to hang out on our roof, and my mom’s cat (the black and white cat) loves to curl up in the most awkward places to sleep.

We call this lovely cat Seuntjie (meaning little boy in Afrikaans)

That's a bird bath incase you were wondering

This is princess Cassandra (Cassie for short) on the chimney

He loves you when you scratch his tummy

One of my other guilty pleasures is looking at Anne Geddes pictures, I just love them.

And of course looking at Jack Vettriano paintings, I have some prints of his in my room and just adore it.

I am still looking for a print of this one

My favourite breakfast is flapjacks, or I guess what they call pancakes in USA? The thing is just that in South Africa we know pancakes as something else, you pour the batter in the pan and spread it around the pan, until it paper thin and flip it, enjoyed with cinnamon sugar on it, wonderful stuff. So that is why it’s confusing to us. Any way pictured below is some flapjacks from a couple of weeks ago, loved how they turned out. Missing it already since we are now on an official diet, and going to lose lots of weight.


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