Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Twopenny Rainbows

Twopenny Rainbows

Anna Jacobs

I have read this book maybe 10 times, the story is amazing, and I love books set in the 1800’s so this book naturally fell in my category. To be honest before my aunt bought me this book on one of their many trips to the UK I have never heard of Anna Jacobs (well to be honest at that stage I was more interested in the babysitters collection). The book is set in 1863 when two Irish orphans Ismay and Mara are sent to Australia to live in one of the convents there. This was against their will since both the girls was promised by their older sister Keara that she will come and get them out of the orphanage. The girls were extremely mad at Keara since they started to believe she abandoned them.

They went unwillingly on the boat to Australia to their horror on arriving in Australia the sisters was separated, Ismay was sent to work on a farm as a maid miles away from her sister while Mara has to stay behind in the orphanage. Lonely and longing to be reunited they run away from their respective places. Ismay stumbles across an old man and his help, on their trading wagon; they agree that she can go with them. And this also has its own dangers.

Meanwhile older sister Keara arrives in Melbourne to find both girls have vanished and the trail might be cold. At this point you feel that nothing goes right for these siblings, but then a miracle happens, Keara’s fiance finds Ismay and after several further attempts they find Mara. Still danger lurks when they go and live with their sister Keara.

I am not going to give away anything further since I feel this is a must read for all book lovers.

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