Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday Already?

Friday Already?!?

Is it only me or is the weeks speeding by? Or is it because I am on edge because of my contract ending at the end of the month?

This was a whirlwind week, we have big projects on at work, so we are running around, trying to get everything done before the deadline, I also got the opportunity to go to Welkom for work this week, to help with the project, this was a lot of fun for me, since this was the first time that I got to go out on the road. For those who are wondering, Welkom roughly translated is Welcome. We had the best toasted sandwiches and it was really cheap. I love small towns.

This week at our young adult group at church we decided that we wanted to start a book club, I am so excited, since we decided not to do the usual deal of all of us reading one book, we are going to choose a book on once every six weeks you will present your book to the group, and then we can swop out books. Books are really expensive here so it’s a brilliant idea.

Tonight we are going to watch a Afrikaans movie, I’m really looking forward to it, since we don’t get to see a lot of new Afrikaans movies lately, and the story line seems okay, for those who might understand a little Afrikaans you can look at the trailer here  

Enjoy your weekend; tell me what your plans are for the weekend.

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