Thursday, 15 March 2012

Thank Goodness

So Grateful

I know some of you are really shocked, so many posts in 2 days, I can imagine the shocked faces. Just want to thank everyone who prayed with me, my contract at work was extended by 3 months, so I can rest easy until the end of June. I was also told there might not be an extension again, so for the next couple of months I will really start looking harder for work. Thank you all,

Last night’s cell group was so good; it was all about an authentic Christian community and friendships. It made me realise that some of my friendships are one way streets, I put in everything and they just go with the flow. This made me very sad, because honestly what do you do? Do you tell your friends, I wish to have a better relationship with you or do you just tell them to take a flying leap of the nearest cliff? I don’t know, what’s your advice?

Well I got to go; I actually just wanted to let you know about my contract.

Have a supper day

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