Monday, 19 March 2012

Monay Morning

Monday Morning

Hey all! Welcome back from the weekend.

 Happy belated St Patricks Day!

This was a fairly relaxed weekend. On Friday night we had the student meeting at church, yes I know I am not a student anymore, but my sister is and I wanted to introduce her to all the great people at the meeting, so I took her to meet everyone there.

Saturday was St Patrick’s Day and I celebrated by wearing green, drawings shamrocks on my hands and drinking lots of cream soda. The best part was that I could actually say that I am a little bit Irish; my mom’s family is Irish, Keogh family, her grandfathers great-grandfather came to South Africa during the potato famine. So although I don’t have the surname anymore I got to celebrate J

Saturday evening I spend the evening with my best friend. We made a fire and barbequed some meet, had a lovely pasta salad, some mushrooms and garlic bread. It was really nice. My parents went to their friend’s house to have barbeque there, and at about 21:30 my mom phones me and asks me to bring them some meat, since her friend didn’t inform her that they should bring their own meat. This sucks big time, since I don’t like to drive at night in a city that has been partying all day long. Anyway so I took her some meat and decided to get KFC’s Milo Crusher for pudding. When we got back to the flat we decided to finish our movie. We were watching Cowboys and Aliens. Great story line, did not really like all the blood and gore.

Yesterday we had the 4th sermon in the Lent period and it was wonderful, so inspiring. The music they played was great. Next Sunday is the final of our Romans 12 project. So there is a big feast at church. So looking forward to it, the only let down is that the cell group will also come to an end, and I need to find somewhere else to fit in at the church. The Lord will guide me and show where I fit in.

So readers I bid you a wonderful week. We have a public holiday on Wednesday. Can’t wait to sleep a little late, and packing out our winter clothes since it is getting chilly here, and I can’t find all my jacketsJ

God Bless All

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