Thursday, 1 March 2012

March Already? Where did the time go?

March already!

I can’t believe it’s March already, now some might think why she is going off about this month, well for those who don’t know. My contract at my current job expires at the end of this month and to me it might as well be the end of the world, I love working here I know what’s going on, and I really like my co-workers. As I understand it, this is pretty rare for a first job; I have heard horror stories from my friends, so I hope you understand why this is so difficult for me. Of course there is a chance that my contract will be renewed, but I am so scared it won’t be.

Last week at our Romans 12 meeting it was all about surrendering everything to God and this is very difficult for me, I am a control freak, and I like to know where I am going and how I get there and what I should do to get there. So this is why last night I decided to give this problem to the Lord, I trust Him to give me guidance on where to go next.

How is everyone’s fasting going for Lent, I am now on my 8th day without Facebook and Pintrest, to be honest it’s not so hard to stay away from Facebook it’s the Pintrest that is getting me J

Well I wish you all a joyous 1st of March,

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